About Us

Evolve Workplaces is a National Mediation, Investigation, Assessment and Training business. Evolve was founded by Anna Faoagali after working some 20 years in this space, conducting Mediations, Investigations, Assessments and Training.

Anna found that the traditional methodologies that consultants were using were not responding to clients needs. She developed a methodology that supports both the employer and employee and this is now used by Evolve Workplaces consistently across Australia.

Our people are passionate, qualified and experienced practitioners who love to make a difference; they provide workplace mediations, workplace investigations, workplace assessments, and workplace training. We use unique best practice techniques to solve workplace conflict, we will help your organisation to evolve into a stronger organisation by assisting in training your leaders and managers to spot and manage conflict early reducing the reliance on external support.

Our services support organisations to manage conflict and improve communication between individuals and teams no matter how simple, complex or challenging. The processes that we use are consistent, reliable and designed specifically to support workplaces manage risk, compliance and empower staff. We use fully trained local providers in all jurisdictions across Australia.

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