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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching


Conflict within the workplace is inevitable and an openly accepted part of our professional lives. However, many employees either simply avoid it or lack the skills to manage it effectively. These unresolved disputes are time consuming and often result in strained relationships, organisational disruption and significant financial costs.

Conflict Coaching is an innovative option that provides employees with an opportunity to better manage their workplace disputes and build their resolution skills under the guidance of a professional coach. During the coaching session, the Conflict Coach will apply the research-based CINERGY Coaching methodology. This model provides employees with a future-orientated, results-driven approach that combines executive coaching, neuroscience and conflict management principles.

Conflict Coaching helps employees process their conflict and also assists them to increase their conflict competency to manage interpersonal concerns with confidence. During the session, the Coach will assist the employee to identify gaps in their conflict management approach to date and assist them to work through future options and skill development.

Conflict Coaches work with individual employees to:

  • Reduce confusion and make sense of the conflict situation.
  • Clarify and achieve their conflict management goals.
  • Develop insight into the dynamics of their conflict.
  • Understand the different perspectives of all parties involved.
  • Explore options and make informed choices.
  • Develop the practical skills to effectively implement resolution strategies.
  • Reduce the mental, emotional and physical stress associated with the conflict.
  • Minimise organisational impacts and costs of associated with the conflict.

Who is conflict coaching for?

  • Any employee wanting to work through a conflict situation.
  • For employees who may have not feel ready to attend a mediation. Conflict Coaching provides a psychological safe and supportive approach.
  • For both parties as a pre-mediation readiness option. This helps to encourage a resolution-ready mindset.

Conflict Coaching is ideal for anyone requiring insight into current behaviours that may be negatively impacting their interpersonal relationships within the workplace

Coaching Proposal:

Services Provided
Professional Development Coaching (CINERGY Model)
The Coaches
The Coaches All coaching will be conducted by a trainer Conflict Coach (CINERGY Model) Method The sessions can will be conducted via phone or Skype / Zoom.
Face-to-face is available for clients in Brisbane. Please note this can be conducted on-site or at the Acacia Group’s head office Level 1, 31 Merivale Street, South Brisbane. A suitable coach can be sourced in major Australian capital cities for those who preference is a face-to-face session.
Bronze Package 1:
Single Session Conflict Coaching
1 x 90-minute session
Package 2:
Comprehensive Conflict Coaching Package
1 x 90-minute session
2 x 60-minute sessions
Sessions to take place 1-2 weeks apart. Some sessions may be moved around holidays, major projects etc.
Package 3:
Conflict & Communication Skill Development Coaching Package
1 x 90-minute session
2 x 60-minute sessions
Sessions to be booked 1-2 weeks apart over a 3 -4-month period from the start date. Some sessions may be moved around holidays, major projects etc.

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