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Workplace Training

Workplace Training

What Type of Training Does Emverio Workplace Solutions Specialise In?

Given that Emverio Workplace Solutions specialises in providing external independent workplace mediations, our training services are designed to support both management and human resources conduct their own workplace mediations and workplace investigations. We also provide internal employee training on organisational policies such as Code of Conduct training, Anti-Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination Training and Dispute Resolution policies and processes. Lastly, we provide group facilitation and / or workshops designed around specific areas that are important to the team.

Facilitating Workplace Mediation (in-house and run externally)

This 1/2-day course is designed to give Human Resource staff and Management confidence to facilitate workplace mediations. In this course, we will provide you with information about:


Participating in this course will give you a framework to be able to process employee complaints. You will come away from this course feeling confident about what to do when employees complain, what interventions are available, and a framework to facilitating a workplace mediation. You will also get an understanding of what post-mediation infrastructure you need to implement. This course is designed to support you and your employer mitigate any associated risks managing employee complaints.

Managing Workplace Investigations (in-house and run externally)

This 1/2-day course is designed to give Human Resource staff and Management confidence to investigate into workplace complaints. In this course Anna Faoagali, Principal, Founder and Director of Emverio Workplace Solutions will provide you information about:



These 1/2-day courses are ideally suited for in-house Human Resource practitioners and Managers. However, any staff involved with managing conflict will benefit from attending either one or both of these courses.

What to Bring

Your policies and procedures – bullying and harassment, grievance / complaint processes, code of conduct, dress codes and any other relevant policy. Any cases / complaints to share and workshop.

Code of Conduct, Anti-Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Harassment and Grievance / Complaint Handling Training

These sessions run between 45 mins – 60 minutes and are designed for employees to outline what their responsibilities are and what they can expect from their employer. We use the organisations internal policies and procedures and adapt the session to suit your business needs.

These sessions are very popular coming up to Christmas time so make sure you book these sessions early (October – November). A lot of our clients like to supplement their online learning tools with periodical (annual) training opportunities to all staff. These are usually rolled out over a period of time (usually over two weeks) at different times of the day to ensure that all staff get to access the training directly.

We collect attendance lists and collate feedback for your records.

Group Facilitations, Workshops and Focus Groups

Often organisations want independent interventions with a wider scope within larger teams and across teams. These can be specifically designed to suit your particular circumstances. Talk to us about our services that can support a more tailored training option. Below is a case example:

Our client had recently been through a disruptive work cover claim from an existing employee who was also due to return to work. The dispute had contaminated three different disciplines across the organisation.

The client wanted the teams to refocus and get a better understanding of what each group does. They also wanted the team to develop some core values.

The client was concerned about all staff members’ resilience levels, health and well-being and their engagement in their work and with the broader organisation.

After some detailed discussions the client engaged us to undertake a three-stage approach; collect information via an employee engagement survey, conduct key in person interviews, and conduct a number of focus groups after the information had been consolidated to develop an action plan moving forward.

The feedback from the process was that most staff were engaged, there were some staff that were not and were acting on misinformation and there were some broader organizational issues that were identified where strategies were developed to address those gaps. The sort of feedback that we received included:

‘it made me feel heard’,
‘it improved the trust and overall relationships between us and management’.

If you would like to request a workplace mediations, please download and complete a Mediation Request Form and return it to