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Nicole Koelewijn

BIOGRAPHY: Nicole Koelewijn, WA, Perth

Nicole is a qualified NMAS mediator and have worked in the world of business and relationships for the best part of a decade now. After obtaining degrees in Law and Commerce, Nicole went on to work as a consultant for a large consultancy company for over five years, before working in the Netherlands at a university where she was responsible for building and maintaining international relationships.

Nicole is also a qualified lawyer and as such, has a strong understanding of process and client engagement.

With Nicole’s experiences means she is familiar with how large businesses as well as education organisations operate, the systems they employ and the relationship dynamics these environments can involve. She has always found herself intensely interested in these dynamics and how communication can break down conflict as it arises, hence the decision to pursue a career in ADR.

Nicole considers herself to be highly empathetic, adaptable and intuitive, with the emotional intelligence required of effective mediators. Further, Nicole’s work and study experiences abroad has provided her with confidence in her ability to adapt and connect with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.