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BIOGRAPHY: Paul Gerrard

Paul has over 40 years professional work experience across a range of industries. Including working for 25 years in small entrepeneurial start-up businesses. He is very  passionate about working with people to improve their workplace relationships.

Paul believes that the best intervention is early intervention. The earlier you can assist people to work through their issues, the more likely it is that they will be able to work together and that’s good for business.

Paul’s industry experience working in the private sector with both large and small business operations, including corporate, government and not for profit gives him a unique perspective of all stakeholders involved in a workplace conflict. 

Paul was formerly a NMAS Nationally accredited Mediator for many years, however, now only conducts workplace discussions and facilitations using the effective Emverio model. Paul is comfortable with a normal two-person mediation and conducting team and group facilitations and workshops. Paul has been with Emverio since its’ inception in 2015 (when it was formerly Evolve Workplaces) and has consistently received constructive feedback from his participants. Paul is also comfortable and experienced at conducting workplace discussions and facilitations online.

Something About Paul

Paul lives in Adelaide and consistently receives positive feedback from clients about his work. Some of the feedback he received includes; Paul was personable and professional, Paul made the parties feel safe, Paul was able to work with the parties to navigate
complex issues with high emotions.

He loves travelling (prior to covid) and especially enjoys visiting the U.S, Thailand and Vietnam.
Fun fact: Paul was actually employed by the ABS between 1974 through to late 1976.