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Facilitating Workplace Discussions

The Course

The Facilitated Discussion course is a professional development course for workplace leaders and managers to assist them to understand how to intervene to diffuse workplace conflict when it arises.

It contains the theory used to train mediators and in many ways the process used for facilitated discussion is the same as that used by accredited mediators.

The course goes into the differences between the two processes, Facilitated Discussion and Mediation and helps those trained in Facilitated Discussion to identify when you should facilitate a process yourself, when you should bring in a mediator due to potential conflicts of interest and when another process is likely to be more appropriate.

This guide provides you the information you need to understand the requirements for this course and how it fits into the dispute resolution framework in Australia.

This course provides credits towards the training needed for the Mediation Institute NMAS Mediator Accreditation Course and allows entry into a role play course required to complete the pre-requisites for NMAS Accreditation.

If you would like to request a workplace mediations, please download and complete a Mediation Request Form and return it to