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BIOGRAPHY: Josephine Byrnes-Luna, NSW, Sydney

Josephine is a Registered Professional Counsellor, Professional Supervisor and accredited Mediator (NMAS) working with individuals, couples, families and professionals across a range of workplace disputes, personal, professional and family situations, (Established 2007). Prior to this Josephine has had almost 30 years in Government developing a thorough understanding of the machinery of Government in NSW, and at the Commonwealth level within leadership and advisory roles.

Josephine’s work as a Counsellor spans a variety of areas, including personal & relationship counselling, childhood development and parenting, workplace, career & management coaching / mentoring, grief and loss and practices in Collaborative Law in the Family Law jurisdiction. This has provided Josephine an opportunity to assist people from all walks of life where she has been trusted into the ultimate privacy of their lifestyles and homes.

As a mediator with a diverse working life she has a very good understanding of different working sectors experiencing such a range of dynamics, she understands how workplace disputes can evolve and quickly escalate.

With almost 3 decades in the public sector Josephine has developed a thorough understanding of the machinery of Government in NSW, and the Commonwealth level. This includes the formulation and implementation of public policy, regulation reform, design and delivery of government programs and services and the Parliamentary process.

Josephine’s leadership style is strongly affiliative and collegiate with the utilisation of emotional intelligence to create bonds and harmonious relationships within the teams she leads. She believes in being a “results orientated” leader who clearly articulates objectives but allows subordinates considerable autonomy in how they deliver outcomes.

All these experiences have engendered a deep interest in, and engagement with, the local community and she has sat on varied Boards in the capacity of Board Member, Vice President, President and Board Advisory.

  • Accredited Mediator Australia
  • Professional / Clinical Supervision (ACA)
  • Dip Professional Counselling
  • Graduate Diploma Family Therapy
  • Marketing Certificate
  • Advanced Certificate Adult Learning
  • Australian Counsellors Association (ACA)
  • Australian Counsellors Association College of Supervisors
  • Professional Counsellors Association ACT & NSW
  • Australian Mediation Association
  • Business Relationships at Sunrise – BRAS
  • Wollondilly Women in Business
  • The Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce
  • Directors Institute