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Workplace Mediations Canberra

Workplace Mediations Canberra

At Emverio Workplace Solutions, we offer workplace meditation, conflict resolution and workplace investigation services for organisations in and around the Canberra region. Our conflict management practices involve building internal company knowledge that enables our clients to deal internally with low-level workplace conflicts, meaning behaviour that isn’t against any of our major policies; however, substantial enough that it has impacting factors on the current climate of the workplace’s culture. We also have the capabilities to guide and support you with any mediations or external investigations, should the need arise. We would love to chat about what we can offer, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

What are the benefits for your organisation?

The direct costs associated with managing conflict in business can reach deeply into your organisation’s pockets. The data is clear and if you’re not using intermediary services or a robust internal process for conflict resolution, it can cost you big time. Employee days off, unallocated time spent in conflict, work progression losses and an unproductive, harsh workplace are just some of the consequences. It is estimated that around 20% of all involved employee wages are lost to unresolved conflict and as it progresses, the situation quickly becomes worse. There’s also job-losses and re training of new employees to add insult to injury.

Finally, there is also the very real and seriously disrupting issue of legal escalation. This can be debilitating to your company, both financially and reputation wise. It’s also very bad for staff morale and workplace culture, while esteem with new employees also suffers tremendously during these sometimes ugly legal battles. Everyone loves turning up to work and achieving targets and goals when they feel appreciated and in an environment without conflict and resentment. A company or organisation with an undefined course of action in conflict resolution is walking on a fine line though and this affects staff wellbeing and health. Don’t wait until the problem comes to a boil – we have the ability to prevent this by running workshops, workplace investigations, workplace mediation classes and embedding conflict training into your leadership team, giving you the best practices for your team to draw upon should the needs arise.

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We have an amazing team of professional Workplace Mediation practitioners that can help with all your conflict management needs in Canberra and its surrounds. We are waiting for your call, so don’t hesitate to ring and have a confidential discussion on 1300 414 179.

If your matter is an investigation or training request, please contact us so we can arrange for one of our professionals to get in touch with you to discuss your specific requirements.

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