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Workplace Training Melbourne

Workplace Training Melbourne

Workplace Training Melbourne

Emverio Workplace Solutions has an array of services to help Melbourne area businesses deal with dispute resolution, workplace investigations, and issues like bullying and conduct breaches. We can help you at the level your business needs, whether that’s providing a third party to facilitate mediations or training for your management and HR personnel to handle conflicts and harassment in-house.

We provide Melbourne businesses and organisations on-site training and workplace mediations, and we also have access to off-site locations at our Melbourne offices for situations when a neutral location may be preferable.

Why train your management and human resources staff? We want you to be able to handle anything that arises in your workplace related to conflict. When you can provide in-house mediation and administer workplace investigations, you save valuable time and money and build internal capacity to de-escalate conflict.

A half-day training in any of these categories is an investment in your company’s future and is a quick way to improve the work environment for all. You decide who you would like to participate, such as team leaders and department heads.

When you address workplace disputes, bullying, and allegations of discrimination or harassment, you can head off catastrophic legal and public relations consequences for your business, whilst providing an empowering and inclusive work atmosphere for employees.

To that end, we also provide training for workers in a variety of key areas typically problematic in enterprise today and related to code of conduct.

What are the benefits for your organisation?

Bullying and Harassment
Bullying isn’t just an issue for kids; you may have bullying going on in your workplace and not even realise it. In fact, the employees involved may not recognise it as bullying either. Signs of bullying include; increased absenteeism, being excluded, unreasonable work demands, gossip, complaints of name calling and yelling (this list is not exhaustive). Anti-bullying and harassment training helps workers understand their responsibilities and your expectations of them, and what will happen if they are found to be bullying. Our trainers are engaging and informative. Employees who feel they are being bullied will understand whether the behaviour complained about constitutes bullying and clarify what to do if they are subject to or observe any inappropriate behaviour.

Like with bullying and harassment, many employees may not understand they are being discriminatory, whether against people of another ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and a range of other characteristics that are unlawful to discriminate against a person. This training aims to help employees understand what behaviour constitutes discrimination, what to do if they are subject to or observe it, and what the consequences are if they breach your policies. This is an excellent training for both new workers and existing staff, and can be used to mitigate future claims. It is not enough to have policies and staff know about them, you must be able to demonstrate that you have trained staff around those policies and that management are empowered to administer those policies.

Dispute Resolution
Evidence demonstrates that early intervention of workplace conflict works. Our own experience also reflects that early intervention has a higher rate of success than with conflict that has been festering for years. Participants learn skills in how to listen to other parties without personalising the communication. They learn to be able to take the ‘heat’ out of a communication that they don’t necessarily agree with. And, they learn skills about how to move forward despite disagreement. If HR or management have to step in, employees who have been trained in dispute resolution know what to expect in the process.

Client Testimonials

'It actually was really good to know that I don’t have to agree with someone and that they don’t have to agree with me, what a relief! But, more importantly, be able to know what to do if we don’t agree.'
'I really wish we had more time. I didn’t realise that the term ‘bullying’ had such a specific meaning, but it was good to know what to do if I witnessed bullying, what to do, and what I can expect from my company.'

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Do you need a facilitator for a group meeting or discussion? How about a team-building workshop to get people thinking about and committing to some positive workplace behaviours? Emverio Workplace Solutions can assist with those needs too.

If you have a question about workplace conflicts, investigations, or training for your management and employees, we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch by email or ring us on 1300 414 179 for a confidential talk about your business’s unique situation. We can create a strategy for your Melbourne workplace that will be compliant, cost effective and will mitigate any risks and manage.

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